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Okay, bed time.

Tomorrow y’all

interosculate inquired:
Oh my lord. oh yeah that dork that I know irl is going for school captain tomorrow, it'll give him a moral boost if his crush wishes him luck

School Captain is a fitting title for a man who witnessed such horrors.

interosculate inquired:
Explain 31/8/14 ? I'm so lost this weird fuck-the-worlds-meta kid thinks he's cool keeping secrets from me

I.. I honestly can’t think of a way to explain it without it sounding stupid.

I posted a friend’s edited ahegao selfie, then we descended in to 3 hours of ahegao hell in which we meme-mixed, url-hoarded, and talked about ahegaoing each other.

It was a dark day to be remembered on the 31st of August every year for the rest of eternity.


*tries to watch 45 minutes episode in 20 minutes*

(Source: okaymad)

fuck-the-worlds-meta inquired:
Stories of 31/8/14 have been told by me, the only surviving bystander left. I have told my peers about how valiantly you fought. unfortunately, none of them believed me and said things like "there is no way that ahegaos could do such massive damage" and "What is a ahegao?" these blasphemous comments made me shudder and now.. they sit on my wall as trophies. Also Interosculate has a big nose. :^)

I just want the nightmares to stop…  But some sins are too great for atonement, you hold on to them until death… maybe even a little longer.

Fuck I loved those tags man props

Keeping Chaika lewds from the masses is communism

Anyone wanting to know what the situation with Worlds is so far, I updated a graphic originally made by this guy

interosculate inquired:
I'm pretty sure fuck-the-worlds-meta is in love with you. He literally just messaged me saying you were kawaii

Who could blame him?  I have love machine in my name.

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