Praise Be To Nonon
Hey I'mma re-do this part.

So basically I used to post stupid shit, and a bunch of you followed me, and so I continue to post stupid shit.

But now my mind has been awakened to the truth that is Nonon Jakuzure, so I'll be posting a lot more of her, as well as a bunch of other Kill La Kill stuff.

Other than that it'll pretty much be other anime stuff, cartoon stuff, video game stuff, dogs, doges, and League of Legends stuff, along with anything else I find funny.


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Protagonist of the year

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what a world we live in

Artist: Mako Mankanshoku
Track: "On a drive to Hell!"
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I fucking made this my ringtone and I don’t even watch this show

On a drive, On a drive, on a drive to Hell!

'Goin totally upside down to the bottom of the pit! Hey!

We’ve left the track and we’re gonna crash!

Hit someone from behind and you get a pileup!

We’ll all go to Hell together!

On a drive, on a drive, on a drive to Hell!

Kill la Kill x Girls und Panzer

 { M E K A K U C I T Y    A C T O R S }

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This professor could not find a projector and drew the map of the world himself.

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Today is Turdas, 24th day of Rain’s Hand


It was finally in 2E 896 that Tiber Septim conquered all of Tamriel, with the Nimudium at his side, as well as his battlemage Zurin Arctus (who had helped him give power to the Numidium after it was gifted to him). The golem (which we shall have to make a whole post one day to give more details on!) proved to be a very valuable asset, as it was the biggest reason all of Tamriel became part of the Empire.